After last night's leak, Mercedes-Benz released the full array of photos of their new urban crossover SUV, the 2015 GLA. Here's all you need to know about it.

Based on the CLA, Mercedes's beefed up compact targets costumers who had an Audi Q3 or a BMW X3 on their mind. This is what Stuttgart has to offer as an alternative:


First, there's the shape. It's not bad looking, and it's sleeker than you think. They claim a drag coefficient of just 0.29, achieved by underbody panelling with optimized silencers followed by a diffuser for improved airflow, with aerodynamically shaped tail lights, mirrors and a spoiler at the back. That equals to a fuel consumption of up to 54 mpg with the 170hp, 2.2-liter 200 CDI diesel.

There's a choice of two gasoline and two diesel four-cylinders, with power outputs between 136 and 211 horsepower. Peak torque is 258 ft·lb with both the larger diesel and gas engines.

To put the power down, the GLA will be available with the new generation of the 4MATIC all-wheel drive system, which includes variable torque distribution. That version will reach the U.S. first, followed by the front-wheel drive version in 2015. The fastest GLA (250 4MATIC) will reach 60 mph in 6.5 seconds with the 7G-DCT dual clutch automatic.


In case somebody wants to leave the tarmac for some occasional adventures, the four-wheel drive GLA will take care downhills automatically, just like how the transmission will adjust power delivery according to the conditions. As far as safety goes, expect the same as in a CLA, meaning everything from lane and parking assist to collision prevention. The latter one comes standard.

The interior is highly customizable, meaning that what isn't already galvanized in silver can be ordered galvanized in silver. That's great news. You can also have leather, fabric, or fabric/leather upholstery in numerous colors, but be careful what you choose as the needle inlays always come in silver. Probably galvanized too.

There's also an optional 'Load Compartment package' which allows the backrest of the rear seat unit to be moved to a steeper position. This enlarges the load compartment capacity by 2.1 cubic feet, providing space for bulky items while still allowing the rear seats to be used by passengers. Doesn't sound like the most comfortable ride though.

And that big display in the middle? Don't worry, it comes with full iPhone support, and knows Facebook, Twitter, has Garmin satnav, Street View and a 3D map display.

Sounds like the right tool for some soft-roading to me...