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More 2015 Jeep Renegade details are coming out, and all the best boxes are ticked: 4WD only, a diesel version for the US, and an open-air variant are going to be in Jeep dealer's catalogues by the end of this year.


Automotive News found a statement from Jeep saying the Renegade is "designed in America and built in Italy," based on the "small wide" Fiat platform.

They went on to confirm that the Renegade will only be available in 4WD, which I found shocking based on its Kia Soul-like stature. On top of that, Jeep is going to offer an "open air" version, both diesel and gasoline engines, and a Trailhawk "Trail Rated" off-road variant. Oh yeah, and the Renegade will be the first small SUV to be available with a nine-speed transmission.

This is starting to sound like one hell of a cute ute!

No pricing or performance specifications are available yet, but both gas and diesel engines will be built in the US, Italy, and Brazil. The SUV itself will be put together at Fiat's Melfi, Italy plant alongside it's brother the Fiat 500X. Sales are slated to begin this summer in Europe and "later this year" stateside.


A few shots of the interior still look like the fun-loving concepts of the 90's, but I'm pleased to report there's also a more conservative silver-on-black color combination. In case you were worried. The gauges hint at a cool terrain-response display too.


While no official sales targets have been released, Automotive News' contacts at Chrysler told them Jeep is hoping to sell 150,000 Renegades, and Fiat about 130,000 500Xs.

Yes, our earlier predictions that the second Fiat-based Jeep would be called the "Jeepster" have proven incorrect, though I stand by my amateur photo'chop render as solidly "vaguely accurate."


The 2015 Jeep Renegade will officially be revealed tomorrow at the Geneva Auto Show.

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