2015 Ford F-150 Is A Self-Parking Luxury Barge With Massaging Seats

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The 2015 Ford F-150 is obviously blazing some new territory in the truck market with it's aluminum body, but massaging seats in a pickup? When I was a kid they called that a dirt road! [pause for laughter].


That is likely to be a Platinum or King Ranch option only, but still, it's a pretty strong commitment to the concept of a "luxury pickup truck" that has basically been skyrocketing in popularity since the Big Three started offering leather interiors.

From a practical standpoint, the 360º camera demonstrated in the video below is perfect for a pickup truck application. Even a skilled driver can appreciate a little extra spotting backing into a tight loading zone or around an off-road trail and it's certainly going to make life easier for everyone else who dreads parallel-parking.

After testing Ford's "Park Assist" on the 2015 Lincoln MKC, I can tell you it works. Pretty much. The system cuts itself off any time something like a pedestrian or blowing bag of potato chips gets in the way of the camera. which is "always" on a busy city street.


The new F-150 will be available with blind-spot warning and collision mitigation as well. which are actually starting to become more common in utility vehicles across the board. I don't care how much of a purist you are, that stuff makes the driving experience better for everybody.


I'll be driving the 2015 Ford F-150 for you in a little under a week, and will be able to answer all your burning questions about it after that!

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