A new grill that's about 30% bigger, an upgraded cabin with a seven-inch display as standard and the eight-speed Torqueflite automatic under the metal. Meet the 2015 Chrysler 300.

The pretty much always awesome Ralph Gilles told Autoblog at the LA Auto Show the following about the current 300:

Our previous generation of leaders didn't understand the car very well, and kind of forced this front end on us. (The refreshed 2015 model) gives the car the attitude it deserves... up the attitude, up the presence.

The cabin has nicer materials all around with a standard seven-inch display in the middle and the latest UConnect infotainment system.


The 300 line also has Chrysler's eight-speed Torqueflite automatic, and the 2014's recalcitrant electronic gearshift lever is also gone, replaced by the 200'a rotary selector. Chrysler says buyers of the 2015 car will experience quicker acceleration and up to a six-percent improvement in fuel economy with the Hemi V8.

So much wood! Plus cast aluminum when it comes to the axles for efficiency, and electric steering fitted to all trims with a sport mode that will make it heavier while sharpening up the throttle and the gearbox.


As far of health and safety stuff goes, you get adaptive cruise control with the ability to bring the car to a full stop, lane-departure warning, forward collision warning, and the rest of the usual package.

Further good news is that the 2015 car will start exactly where the 2014 does at $31,395. You'll need to fork out more though for the new 300C Platinum equipped with Poltrona Frau leather covering the dashboard, hand-sanded wood and a good old fashioned platinum-chrome exterior. The same goes for the 300S Sport, which comes with revised damping and quicker paddle shifts.

Don't hold your breath for the 2015 SRT, because that's dead for now in the US and A.