2015 Chevrolet Silverado Could Be Your Town's Next Cop Car

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GM's introducing a Special Service Vehicle variant of the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado for police use, so now you've got another headlight pattern to get paranoid about.


The Silverado SSV doesn't have any particularly insane ass-busting features like high-speed deployable spike strips or EMP launchers. And obviously, it's not quite as cool as the Silverado Firefighter concept. A 170 amp alternator, big auxiliary battery, and extra switches to control all the gadgets cops love to get donut crumbs on are the main attractions.

Illustration for article titled 2015 Chevrolet Silverado Could Be Your Towns Next Cop Car

Chevy's also making a "common key" option so police departments can operate all their GM products with the same key, so that's kinda neat.

Municipalities will be able to Silverado SSVs pre-fitted with other law enforcement gear they often get from the aftermarket:

  • Spotlamp – driver or driver and passenger
  • Wiring for grille, lamp and sirens
  • Flasher system for headlamps and taillamps
  • Common key package
  • Vinyl rear seats
  • Front center seat delete
  • Auxiliary dome lamp
  • Electronic four-wheel-drive switch
  • Daytime running lamps delete
  • Rear-vision camera

The town I grew up in had a Ford F-150 crew cab when I was in high school, and I've seen plenty of Tahoes in New York State Police livery. But I can't remember ever seeing a GM pickup wearing The Shield. Are police trucks more common where you live?

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Anyone care to explain why police need big pickups that guzzle fuel if the job is simply "patrol"? Sure, if they're in a rural area that needs 4WD or if they carry some bulky piece of law enforcement equipment (?), some *may* need it. Otherwise I'm not too thrilled to see yet more waste from our overly-militarized police forces whose equipment fetishes constantly lead to unnecessary expenditures.