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2014 Toyota Supra: We wish this was it

Illustration for article titled 2014 Toyota Supra: We wish this was it

The will they/won't they drama surrounding Toyota and the building of a successor to the venerable Supra's getting old, but if fresh rumors prove true this might get shifted from a Ross-and-Rachel situation to a full-on Moonlighting. If so, the car will need a fresh new look. Here's one such speculatively-rendered design.


Designer Andreas Fougner's modified the classic RWD dimensions of the beloved Supra and transformed them into something inspired by the Scion FR-S and Lexus LFA without being suffocated by the influence.


This look is particularly stunning in profile, where the C-pillar wraps around into the body of the vehicle similar to what was attempted on the FT-HS Concept pulled into a rear end that owes inspiration to both the Mk4 Supra and the Audi R8.

Illustration for article titled 2014 Toyota Supra: We wish this was it

"My goal with this concept was to try and keep the DNA of the Supra mk4 but still create something new and fresh," says Fougner.


If the Supra does come to fruition expect a turbo V6 powertrain on a RWD platform. Even if it doesn't, check out all the renderings at Bullfinch Visuals.

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A Supra with a V6 will sound terrible, just as all V6 engines do. Yuck.

Put 'em all in a row, and it's all good.