2014 Porsche Boxster And Cayman GTS Will Cost $75,000

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In this editor's humble opinion, the GTS models are always the best versions of any Porsche. They're the cars the way enthusiasts would option them, sold at a reasonable cost. As part of the massive Porsche leak today we know the 2014 Boxster GTS and 2014 Cayman GTS will continue this tradition.


This slide, allegedly from a dealer meeting, purports to show what's going on with the lovable Boxster and Cayman models, which should get a nice, slight tweak over the existing S models.

Options include a 15 horsepower bump for each, standard manual transmission (PDK is an option), standard PASM, and a slightly faster 0-60 mph time.

Styling and equipment options include Sport Design front/rear fascia, GTS badging, 20-inch Carrera S wheels, upgraded steering wheel, and leather interior.

This should premiere at the Beijing Motor Show this April, if the slide is to be believed.

Hat Tip to Christian!



20 inch (Twenty, really!!!) wheels on a Cayman/Boxster? And people over at Bimmerpost were complaining that the 20s on the M4 Concept were too big! And then rejoiced when BMW stated that 18s and 19s were going to be the only options. The 20 inchers were dropped. But Porsche is going to add 20 inch wheels as options on a lightweight car?