2014 Nissan NV Looks Like A 'Nice Price' For A Capable Cargo Van

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The complete pricing list for the 2014 Nissan NV Cargo and NV Passenger vans was announced today. Starting at around $25,000 the Mississippi-built vans are significantly cheaper than Mercedes Sprinters and even undercut the base Ram ProMaster by a few grand.


All NV vans are rear-drive with a choice of a 4.0 V6 or 5.6 V8, both with a 5-speed automatic. With a hitch receiver V6 models can tow 7,000 pounds, with V8s capable of pulling 9,500. NV Cargo vans are available with a "standard height" roof that stands about 83", or as "high roof" variants that are about twenty inches taller.

Total interior cargo volume for the standard-roof vans is 234.1 cubic feet, high-roof models are up to 323.1. Maximum payload capacity varies by equipment, but the 1500 models can carry around 2,500 pounds, 2500 models max out around 3,100, and 3500 models can move as much as 3,747 pounds in their cargo hold.

Ram claims significantly more interior cargo room for the front-wheel drive V6 118" Ram ProMaster, which starts at $29,000. Apparently it's got 530 cubic feet of space and about 600 pounds of extra payload capacity, but the Ram's towing is weaker with a maximum of around 5,000 pounds.

The closest Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, a 2500 model at 144" has a lower payload threshold than both at 3,479 pounds with an interior cargo volume of 318.0 cubic feet. That van can also tow about 5,000 pounds, and starts at around $35,000.

From where I'm standing, the 2014 Nissan NV looks like a pretty well-priced work van.

Passenger models are available for purchase by private consumers as well as fleets. They have basic entertainment features and eight air bags, boasting 324 seating configurations with room for up to twelve passengers.


Here's the complete 2014 Nissan NV Van pricing chart. All NV vans are billed with an additional "destination and handling" fee of $995.

NV Cargo

NV 1500 Standard Roof S V6$25,670 USD
NV 1500 Standard Roof SV V6$26,660 USD
NV 2500 Standard Roof S V6$26,670 USD
NV 2500 Standard Roof SV V6$27,660 USD
NV 2500 Standard Roof S V8$27,870 USD
NV 2500 Standard Roof SV V8$28,860 USD
NV 3500 Standard Roof S V8$29,570 USD
NV 3500 Standard Roof SV V8$30,560 USD
NV 2500 High Roof S V6$29,220 USD
NV 2500 High Roof SV V6$30,210 USD
NV 2500 High Roof S V8$30,420 USD
NV 2500 High Roof SV V8$31,410 USD
NV 3500 High Roof S V8$32,120 USD
NV 3500 High Roof SV V8$33,110 USD

NV Passenger

NVP 3500 S / 4.0-liter V6$32,240 USD
NVP 3500 SV / 4.0-liter V6$34,440 USD
NVP 3500 S / 5.6-liter V8$33,440 USD
NVP 3500 SV / 5.6-liter V8$35,640 USD
NVP 3500 SL / 5.6-liter V8$38,240 USD

Both Cargo and Passenger variants of the NV are currently available at some 350 Nissan Commercial dealers around the US.



I see a few people complaining about the looks of the van, and I don't understand why people care. These are made for work. They aren't going to be high quality, they aren't going to be good looking. It's a tool. And it's very effective.