If you make a midsize sedan and don't make a hybrid version, you'll be shunned by society and be forced to live in a back alley for the rest of your life. Good thing Honda has this, the 47 MPG 2014 Accord Hybrid. Wooo!

From the outside, the Accord Hybrid doesn't take any styling cues whatsoever from the Accord Plug-In Hybrid. This is a good thing. It just looks like some LEDs were added, which was inevitable, really.

In the past, Honda linked up electric motors with the V6 to make the hybrid the range topping model in the performance department with some added efficiency. That isn't the case this time.


Instead, the new Accord Hybrid links an electric motor to a 2.0 liter, super efficient Atkinson Cycle four cylinder. Honda is anticipating a rating of 49 MPG highway, 45 city, and 47 combined from the EPA when it gets certified. That would make it the class leader, ahead of the Fusion and Camry.

It goes on sale in October, no pricing has been announced yet.

And that's all I have to say about that.