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AP and pretty much everyone else covering trucks on the internet is reporting that General Motors has just issued a recall on 370,000 2014 Silverado and Sierras sold in North America due to fires erupting from an overheated exhaust system.

303,000 of those trucks in the US, the rest are in neighboring Canada and Mexico.


Apparently a "software glitch" is the cause of the overheat, and eight fires have been documented as a result. At this point, only the 4.3 and 5.3 liter engines are affected.

Perhaps there's a disconnect between the catalytic converters and the ECU causing the computer to think the truck's running colder than it really is.

GM is reportedly contacting owners on January 16, at which point customers will be invited to return to dealerships for a reflash that should take about twenty minutes.

They say a continuous Check Engine light and "Engine Power Reduced" message in the dash display are indicators that your truck might be affected. That and, you know, flames billowing from your brand new pickup.


If you've got a 2014 GM full-size, I'd get yourself to a dealership post haste. GM claims the remedy takes about twenty minutes once they get your vehicle in the service bay. Until then, don't leave it idling unattended.

Image: GM/Dave Hogg

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