2014 BMW M3: Is This It?

It seems like CAR Magazine has managed to get some crisp images of the brand new 2014 BMW M3 before its "concept" version premiers at the Geneva Motor Show in March. While this very yellow car could be just a very good rendering, the fine folks at GT Spirit who snagged an early copy of the magazine think it's real.

Here's what they think they know.

According to this article, the new M3 comes with four doors (the coupe will get an M4 badge). It will be lighter thanks to a bunch of carbon fiber parts including the roof. That results in a car weighting under 3,300 pounds. Fantastic if true, but what's even better is a the brand new straight-six engine giving you 444 horsepower to deal with (and not a V6 as rumored). Happy times for everyone but rear tires, which are screwed.


We will have to wait for the exact specifications, but an electric M-differential and possibly a very rapid double clutch gearbox will probably come as standard. A manual option is not likely, which is a shame as always but maybe they'll give the U.S. a reprieve.

It sounds like a package that has the potential to be great. What do you think? This one, or the current V8 second hand?

(Hat tip to consistently inconsistent!)

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