2014 'Biggest Mint 400 Ever' Declares Official Winners

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The overall lead in the 2014 Mint 400 desert race changed multiple times over the course of the event, but Andy "Bebo" McMillin and co-driver Brady Thompson triumphed in Steve Sourapas' #6 Ford powered Trophy Truck after a sixth-place start.

Race organizers reported record registration numbers this year, making the 2014 Mint 400 the biggest under its current management.

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McMillin took home $10,000 from FOX, $10,000 from NFL player and Mint 400 racer DeMarcus Ware, $10,000 from Ford, and another $10,000 from the Best in the Desert "Trick Truck Challenge." It's good to be on top!

Mint 400 CEO Matt Martelli told us;

"Last year The Mint 400 became the biggest off-road desert race event on the planet. This year we went even bigger. We had the largest group of world-class off-road racers, including the largest Unlimited Trick Truck group in the history of the sport. We sold out our spectating areas before the Unlimited race started on Saturday, which has never happened before."

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Competing vehicles took over the Las Vegas strip before the lights went green, bringing plenty of local attention to the event. But Mint organizers are even more excited that their race has been wrapped in to the Red Bull "Signature Series" on network TV. Even if we have to wait until summer for the broadcast, it's a huge boost for the visibility of off-road racing. Let's hope it fuels more action!

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"There is no doubt that the Mint 400 is now the most visible desert off-road race worldwide. In fact I think it's safe to say our reach is only second to Dakar..." said Mint 400 COO Joshua Martelli.


It was reported elsewhere that Jeff and Terri Kary in the #1981 Yamaha Rhino won the ultra-fast, mini Trophy-Truck looking "SR1" UTV class, but race officials did not award any competitors a time in that class. More on this when organizers get back to us.

2014 Mint 400 Top Ten Overall finishers and times:

1. Andy McMillin 6:14:29.147

2. Gustavo Vildosola Jr 6:28:54.548

3. Dan McMillin 6:31:41.382

4. Travis Pastrana 6:32:36.175

5. Tim Herbst 6:49:48.674

6. Jon Walker 6:55:37.367

7. Corey Keysar 6:59:20.659

8. Troy Vest 6:59:21.485

9. Jason Ruane 7:13:54.687

10. Brandon Dawson 7:16:18.200

2014 Mint 400 Class winners:

Class 1400: #6 Andy "Bebo" McMillin

Class 1500: #1501 Jon Walker

Class 1000: #1002 Cody Freeman

Class 1100: #1178 Steve Melton

Class 2000: #2024 Aaron Hawley

Class 3000: #3002 Tim Brown

Class 1700: #1724 Rob Seubert

Class 1800: #1835 Jason Voss

Class 1900P: #1919 Brandon Schueler

Class 1900S: #1981 Jeff Kary

Class 850P: #1951 Scott Martinez

Class 3700P: #3777 Brandon Berge

Class 4500: #4594 Gary Ludsford

Class 5000: #5062 Jacob Meurer

Class 5500: #5505 Mike Dillard

Class 6000: #6060 Ben Abatti III

Class 6100: #6101 Jason Ruane

Class 7100: #7101 James Burman

Class 7200: #7217 Jeff Horsley

Class 8000: #8025 Macrae Glass

Class 8100: #8118 John Webster

Class 9000: #9038 Derek Dixon


Complete results list can be found on The Mint's website.

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Dusty Ventures

Great seeing Bebo back on top! Also absolutely absurd to see Macrae Glass score yet another win with the ex-LeDuc truck. The thing's nearly 15 years old and has finished every mile of every race it's ever entered. Curt knows how to build 'em.