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The no-longer-Dodge 2013 SRT Viper has slithered out more than a day ahead of its New York Auto Show debut, revealing every angle of the gorgeous new America supercar. The feds may insist on giving it traction control, but they can't take away its voluptuous snakeskin, seen here courtesy of what appears to be Forza 4 screenshots (thus please forgive the quality) from a video we desperately want to see.


If this car was designed after a naked woman on the beach, we want to meet that woman.


An anonymous tipster sent these photos to Inside Line who kindly shared the images with everyone else. InsideLine guesses that these photos are from "the presentation SRT will be giving tomorrow." That might be true, but we agree with the Forza Motorsport forums that these look to be a mixture of garage and Benchmark Layout A photos.

Visually, the new Viper carries over the proportions of the outgoing model but injected with a bit of collagen. Each curve is curvier. Each crease is creasier. Each scoop is scoopier.

Actual details like weight, power, and performance are still yet to be revealed (stay up late tomorrow night). It doesn't matter for now. You'll take what you can get and you'll like it.

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