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2013 Ford Fusion: This Is (More Of) It

Illustration for article titled 2013 Ford Fusion: This Is (More Of) It

You've seen the ghostly outline of the 2013 Ford Fusion, now behold two clearer angles of the next generation of the blue oval brand's mid-size sedan ahead of its impending Detroit Auto Show debut. Malibu what?


These photos show how influential the Ford Evos Concept was on the next-gen Fusion, which moves off its old platform and onto a new global one shared with the Mondeo (the debate over what to call it continues. I like Fusiondeo).


There's the Aston-ish kinetic grille, aggressive nose, and angry thin eyes all on display in these clearer shots from Czech website Auto Forum.

Illustration for article titled 2013 Ford Fusion: This Is (More Of) It

Other details still remain to be revealed, including drivetrains (ahem, Ecoboost?), but it already looks like it does what the Fusion needs to do to be competitive: upstage the aging Camry/Accord/Altima triplets, offer a viable alternative to the Optima/Sonata, and absolutely crush the underwhelming Malibu and Chrysler 200 refreshes.


For Americans it's a revelation. A huge leap from the boring Fusion. Europeans will just see it as a nicer, newer Mondeo. And that is — in the words of ex-con Martha Stewart — a good thing.

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Victorious Secret

Thanks Matt, it is now 2 days in a row I get to yell at the stupid people among us over complaining about this design.

Wind the clocks back a decade or so. Ford owned the British 3. The money bleeding British 3. Without Ford's timely injection of tons of money for R/D then we might not even have any of them around today.

In fact those 3 still use Ford funded tech to this day despite being owned by others. Ford paid for Aston Martins nose job in particular. If there is a single company on Earth who has the right to copy ANYTHING Aston does, it is Ford. In fact is it really copying if Ford can produce the chequebook that shows the payment made to design the DB9, Vantage et al? Not really...

You all complain as if Ford injecting some of that drop dead sexy design into their volume seller is a bad thing. While I love my car too much to consider buying a Fusion I will say it makes most other mid size cars look bland; I'll even bring the Europeans into this. Anything that makes my drive more interesting is okay in my book, and Ford is simply bringing substantially better style to our roads. That is a bad thing?

My god some people are hard to please and others are just retarded. I actually can't wait to see when this shows up on my dealers lot so I can perhaps take it for a spin when mine is in for service. That's pretty much how I've gotten to know Fords entire new lineup anyways.

Stop whining. Be happy at least a few companies (Ford and Hyundai as an example) are bothering to inject something more then beigeness into their cars. And it is all for our benefit.