2013 Cobra Jet Mustang: Snakes! On a plane? No, a Mustang!

Today, Ford Racing unveiled the 2013 Cobra Jet Mustang at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show in Orlando, Fla. The new Cobra Jet, designed for NHRA Stock and Super Stock competition, features two new 5.0-liter TiVCT engine options.

Buyers of the snake-like-a-plane can choose either a naturally-aspirated engine with Cobra Jet induction system, CNC ported heads, high lift cams and low-drag accessory drive, or a 2.9-liter Whipple supercharged version with CNC port matched manifold and heads, and a proprietary 10-rib supercharger drive system for higher rpm use — and without a belt.


Elsewhere, the 2013 Cobra Jet gets modified with a better weight distribution and electric power steering for better drivability with less parasitic horsepower loss. It's even got a new roll cage design designed to provide a higher level of chassis rigidity while the brake pedal ratio has been revised for more modulation and stopping power. Lastly, the rear suspension geometry delivers faster and more consistent 60-foot times.

Best news? The 2013 Cobra Jet gets an approximate MSRP of $86,000 with the naturally-aspirated engine option, and $93,000 with the supercharged engine. Additional options and pricing will be announced January 2012 — but for the moment, that's almost $10,000 less than the last one.

But, like the last generation, the 2013 Cobra Jet production is limited to only fifty units and orders placed through Ford dealers will be filled on a first come first served basis. So get to it. Just remember to use part number M-FR500-CJ.


Sorry the shots suck, but they're the only ones we got from Ford.

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