2013 Cadillac SRX: Leave Well Enough Alone

"The 2013 SRX illustrates the Cadillac philosophy of never leaving well enough alone," said Don Butler, vice president of marketing for GM's wreath and crest-festooned proto-luxury brand. We couldn't agree more. Because somehow they've managed to take the attractive Art & Science exterior design philosophy of the Cadillac SRX and made it look like a up-chromed Chevy.


Seriously, just look at that new grille with all those vanes in it. I feel like the exterior — and specifically, the Art & Science design language — was just fine the way it was. Why add more ungapatchka on what was already a good thing?

In addition to the extra tchotchkes, there are three new exterior colors offered: Evolution Green Metallic, Glacier Blue Metallic and Silver Coast Metallic. Also new is the SRX's range of 20-inch wheel designs, including new chrome and polished aluminum wheels for the Performance and Premium Collections

But whereas the exterior is an exercise in fixing what wasn't broken, inside, the new-for-2013 SRX gets an upgraded interior that screams "Look at all my slick piano black plastics! Look at my big CUE! Now my interior's closer to what the designers wanted from the start!"


Still, even with the exterior accouterments, it's a handsome crossover. Too bad Momma Wert's not going to move on to a 2013 model when her lease is done this year. Instead, she'll likely be going back to BMW. You know, for the service and stuff.


It's the little things.

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