2013 Boss 302SX: Why are people still driving M3s?

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Even while Ford unveiled something that goes very fast in a straight line, the 2013 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet, it was quietly showing something new that goes around corners too. MustangsDaily reports that this 2013 Boss 302SX is a halfway house between the Boss race car and a Boss road car, developing more power, fitted with adjustable suspension and stripped of its interior. Production? Maybe.

The 2013 Boss 302 has here been upgraded by a breathed on 5.0, upping power to over 500bhp with the help of the Cobra Jet drag car's intake manifold. Suspension is now adjustable coil-over front and rear, adjustable sway bars and adjustable caster/camber plates. Special 18x9.5-inch wheels wear slicks and, in place of the interior, there's instead a cage and a single Recaro.


If that sounds like a race car to you, you're not alone. The idea, according to MustangsDaily, was to put the performance of the Boss 302R race car into something consumer-facing. Ford is reportedly evaluating the market for a limited production run.

Tell them in the comments below if it's something you want to see 'em build.

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Jonathan Harper