2012 Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series: Cheap(er) speed

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If you know anything about expensive cars, you know that "Black Series" is German for "crazy expensive." The 2012 Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series, however, is only moderately expensive. Figure sub-$100,000, making this the fancy fast Merc for plebes. Engine parts from the SLS AMG mean it's still plenty fast though.


Like the $300,000 SL65 Black Series and $140,000 CLK63 Black Series, numbers of the C63 [you know the rest] will be very limited. That exclusivity is going to be the main selling point, there's just not that many upgrades.

Take a C63 AMG with the Track Pack and AMG Development Package, add fenders that are 2.2 inches wider at the front, 3.3 inches wider at the rear; stretch the tracks by 1.6 and 3.1 inches respectively; add some vents; fit a big wing; upgrade the suspension and brakes a little; and fit real racing buckets and you have the C63 Black Series.

Oh, and there's pistons, connecting rods and the crank out of that Gullwing, upping power from 451 to 510 HP (or, as we like to say, 140 less than a Shelby GT500) and torque from 443 to 457 Lb-Ft.

Mostly though, this car is about the wild looks. It looks like a race car for the road, just one that won't vibrate you to death cruising down the highway or driving to dinner. Which is how most of these are going to end up being used.