2012 BMW 1-Series May Go Retro, Lose Some Weight

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The BMW 1-Series illustrates the gap between what enthusiasts want and what customers will buy. A modern 2002 tii was what we wanted, and BMW may be delivering exactly that in the next generation.

Car magazine is reporting the next version of the 1-series, slated for 2011 production will take a different direction compared to the 1er we have today. The new car will come in a variety of body styles including a coupe, a hatchback and a uniquely styled model dubbed the Supersport. The Supersport is the car which gets us worked up, bearing throwback styling like round headlights, eyebrow style turn signals, and a body-ringing character line. The Ess-Ess would slot between the 135i and the M3 with a rumored two-ish liter twin-turbo, direct injection four cylinder with positively felonious power figures, think 300 BHP and about 330 lb-ft of torque.


The other two models would share less raucous styling and get more normal engines, but there's the possibility of a stripped-out model in the form of a 115i, which would more bare bones than any BMW in years. Is it possible? Is BMW listening to the complaints and desires of its enthusiasts? Sounds impossible, but it may be true. [Car]

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Laurie Bridger

I'm sorry but if you want a stripped out car, bare bones and fun, what business have you got being a BMW enthusiast?

Go check out an S2000 or MX5 and save yourself a fortune.