2012 Audi A6: Aluminum Und Eyeliner

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Audi teased its next generation 2012 Audi A6 this morning, while somewhere in The Netherlands someone was busy photoshopping their watermark on a complete set of press photos. Here's the lighter, trimmer, and more Robert Smith-esque new A6.

The next-generation Audi A6 is supposed to be a big leap forward in design and a small leap back in weight, moving from VW's C-platform to the new modular aluminum chassis. On the exterior, it's definitely crisper but an evolutionary jump similar to the new A8.

We're expected to get a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 and the new 4.0-liter V8 mated to a 7-speed or 8-speed transmission. The rest of the world will get diesels, as well, but we're not going to get your hopes up so close to National Pie Day.


[More photos at AutoBlog.nl]

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Jonathan Harper

"Here's the lighter, trimmer, and more Peter Gallagher-esque new A6."

...what. Why him?