The fully-electric 2011 Reva NXG tops out at 80 MPH, can travel 125 miles between charges and seats two beneath a removable targa top. Does that make it smarter than a Smart car?

The NXG was designed by Dilip Chabria of DC Design, who also worked on the Aston Martin Vanquish, the Rolls-Royce Coupe concept and even a two-door Porsche Cayenne.

The NXG will also preview a mysterious new feature known as "REVive," which enables owners to call or text for an emergency "recharge" should they run out of juice. Since the last time we checked, electricity couldn't be transmitted wirelessly over cell phone signals, so we're guessing control centers can remotely enable vehicles to access a reserve charge level that shouldn't be used too often for fear of shortening the battery's service life.

No word on what sort of batteries the NXG will employ, but Reva do hint at dual charge ports, designed to accept standard charging or a one hour "fast charge." [via Reva Global]