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2011 Nissan Patrol Moves Away From Irregular Army Demographic, Our Hearts

Illustration for article titled 2011 Nissan Patrol Moves Away From Irregular Army Demographic, Our Hearts

The Nissan Patrol's another formerly indestructible off-roader no longer fit for duty in irregular armies across the globe. That's right, the 2011 Patrol's gone soft. No more AK-47-toting rebels. No more danger-filled smuggling routes. Now, only Neimen Marcus assaults.


The reliable, simple, rugged off-road SUV is on the endangered species list. They're being replaced in name only with soft, leather-lined poseur-mobiles fit for toting curly-haired toy dogs and waiting in mall parking lots for spaces close to the door. We didn't think we'd see the day when the not-for-the-US Nissan Patrol joined the list of the lost, but that day is today.

The only evidence we need to hear is from Taiji Toyota (not a misprint), Nissan's own product design director, saying this of the new Patrol:

"It's not as edgy and hardcore as its predecessor, the softer new surfaces are beautiful and add a sense of modernity to the design equation, while still maintaining a ruggedness and commanding road presence."


It might be riding on a new chassis with a new 400 HP, 405 lb-ft, 5.6-liter V8, a seven-speed transmission and have a fancy hydraulic suspension system, but that quote is pretty much all we need to know. Another one bites the dust.

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Ash78, voting early and often

Some might even say it's "Going Rogue"

/tip. waitress. etc