2011 Honda Odyssey Promises "More Swagger"

Honda executives actually said "the 2011 Odyssey will have more swagger than the new [Toyota] Sienna." With a crooked beltline and pretty much identical specs (aside from no all-wheel-drive option), the swagger must lie somewhere under the surface.

Yep, it's the new Honda Odyssey — they'll sell them by the boatload, and current owners will line up when their respective leases run out. A V-6 is the only engine, and it offers up to to 28 mpg in the "Touring Elite" model, which is code for "the one hardcore yuppie moms will buy." Interior amenities include a copy of the Sienna's features list, right down to the double-wide, flip-down LCD screen in the back. It does offer an HDMI port, though, so you can watch super high-def Spongebob on your small HD screen.


Minivans. Ha! [Inside Line]

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