2011 Ford Explorer Showing Off Next-Gen Body

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After months of Freestyle-bodied 2011 Ford Explorer mules, we're finally getting a closer look at the shape of the next Explorer. Looks about 90% the size of the current model. It should, considering it shares underpinnings with the Flex. [Autoweek]


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Ford needs one midsized SUV with decent towing ability. The Edge and Escape don't qualify.

And just because it's unibody doesn't mean it can't tow. The XJ Cherokees could tow just fine and they're unibody too.

From what I understand based on the research I've done is that the crappy tow ratings many vehicles have are due to a lack substantial strength in the body aft of the rear wheels, a lack of larger capacity cooling systems (including transmission cooling) as an option, lower gearing options unavailable and the low profile tires that are popular these days (low profile tires are unsuitable for towing).

But honestly I don't think it makes sense to have another Ford Edge clone. I think it would make more sense to have the Explorer based on the new Ranger that's coming.