2011 Chevy Volt To Be Priced Under $30,000?

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While the 2011 Chevy Volt is proceeding down the path from vaporware to successful range testing to production ready, its price seems to remain stubbornly in the land of the lost. The original goal was to have it on the road for around $30,000, in April, Maximum Bob dropped the bomb saying the price may come in at $48k. Well, Minimum Rick seems to be following his "Wait a month and clean up after Bob" modus operandi yet again. Wagoner, who definitely gives a shit about global warming, is now saying the Volt may actually come in below the original target.

How much lower? That's a silly question to ask considering how GM seems to keep mixing the messages themselves. An $18,000 price point difference makes for a mighty different business case though, especially considering gas will only be available with live organ exchange by 2010. [Translated from German: FAZ.net]

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Rick is just saying what he has to say to prevent people from pointing out the fact that nobody is going to buy a Volt if it costs $48,000.

In reality if they just lopped $18,000 off their selling price they're probably eating a massive loss on every car sold, so it's down to either selling very very few of these-or actually eating $18K in losses per car until they get the cost of their EV technology down.

In the long term if they actually managed the latter it'd be very impressive, and put GM back into real competition on the cutting edge.

Unfortunately, knowing GM it seems more likely that they'll just build very limited #'s of Volts, eat the insane loss per vehicle, then hope that gas prices go down.

Really hope GM manages to get their costs down and save their own butts from becoming obsolete.

Maybe, just maybe, GM might see the writing on the wall and realize they have to invest in what they have to invest in, because not doing so could very well mean being completely irrelevant if gas goes even higher (at $10/gallon I'm going to guess that just about the only household vehicles that'll sell are going to need Prius level mileage)