2011 BMW M5 Spotted Lapping The 'Ring

The first thing you notice about the 2011 BMW M5 is its size. Compared to the E60 M5 chase car, it's positively huge. It also appears to adapt 2009 BMW 7-series proportions. Does this mean it'll adapt that vehicle's über-conservative styling too? We're not sure yet. What we do know is that the biggest change will come in the engine compartment, click through to find out why.


Car Magazine, which snapped these shots, is reporting that the 2011 M5 will gain a breathed-on version of the BMW X6's 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 producing a whopping 540 HP. Why? The current V10, despised by some but loved by others for its quirky rev-happy nature, will only meet emissions regulations for two more years. If the big V8 does find its way into the M5, expect a much lower revving, torquier drive. The magazine also reports that the M5 is likely to be manumatic only, which doesn't come as a surprise, but is still pretty disappointing. [via Car Magazine]

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