We've shown you every other version of the 2010 Ford Mustang, from the base model to the 2010 Mustang GT, in spy photos and in sketches β€” even the interior's gotten a good look. But until today we haven't seen the highest-of-high-powered new Mustangs in camo-covered glory. Until today. The spy shooters at KGP have gotten us the first spy photos of the 2010 Shelby GT500 hitting the streets of Dearborn and sporting the slithering snake signifying the shaking hand of Shelby. Although the outside's still got the glad-bag anti-spy camouflage, the snake ain't the only thing we can see as it appears the up-powered 'stang'll get a bigger hood bulge and a deeper air dam. At the rear, thanks to the spoiler, the camouflage slipped free from the bottom of the rear bumper, pulling up a bit to reveal some very distinctive detailing. The revamped Shelby sports an aggressive lower valance more reminiscent of a Falcon than a Mustang. But it's the undisguised interior that's the real "get" β€” as it shows off features we'll be seeing in the upcoming new Mustang in general and on the Shelby GT500 in specific β€” including a slithering snake on the steering wheel. Check out all the details in the full report from KGP below the jump.

We caught this prototype for Ford's redesigned 2010 Shelby GT500 running the streets of Detroit. Though its exterior was still heavily camouflaged, a few key styling elements that will separate the GT500 from lesser Mustangs were visible. The prototype's undisguised interior also revealed some more features destined for the 'revamped 'Stang in general, and on the Shelby GT in particular.

A close look at this Shelby GT prototype reveals that the Cobra grille badge will once again replace the galloping Mustang, and will sit offset to the right. Although it's not always easy to distinguish between false padding and the real sheet metal beneath the camouflage, it appears that this Shelby will get a more aggressively bulged hood, and deeper front air dam.

At the rear, the camouflage slipped free from the bottom of the rear bumper, and pulled up a bit to reveal some very distinctive detailing. The revamped Shelby sports an aggressive lower valance that emphasizes flares and sharp sculpting over the current model's clean, understated treatment.

This interior on this prototype was the first one we have seen free from the heavy fabric covers, providing our first unobscured look at the new Mustang's dashboard design. We can finally confirm that the current Mustang's dual-cowl dash top will be carried over in the redesign. We've also gotten our first look at a portion of the new 'Stangs center console, and we can make out a much more graceful transition from the dash face to the center stackβ€”a small detail, but one that will certainly help to give the Mustang's interior a more refined look. Finally, we can clearly see that the steering wheel will once again be adorned with a large Cobra badge, this time finished completely in bright brushed metal.

It's now clear that the next Shelby GT500 will receive a thorough visual overhaul, but whether the car will also see a commensurate mechanical transformation is currently unknown. New engines will bow throughout the Mustang line, with an upgraded 5.0-liter V8 to replacing the current cars 4.6-liter unit, while six-banger 'Stangs will also be offered with Ford's promising 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 reportedly exceeding 300 horsepower. Engine tweaks to the next Shelby GT could be in the works as well, especially with the serious influx of muscle car competition thanks to the arrival of the Challenger and Camaro to U.S. showrooms.