Opel's release of the Vectra-replacing 2009 Opel Insignia is bringing with it speculation on other GM products built atop the Vectra's Epsilon platform, including the Saab 9-3. Which is where we think the impetus for the above potential p-shop, appearing on the Vince Burlapp Car Page just below those Mazda3 renders from earlier, may have come from. The 9-3's been built on the same Epsilon platform as the Vectra since 2003 and is getting seriously long in the tooth, even in the admittedly capable 2008 Saab 9-3 Turbo X form. So, we're really hoping the Aeronaut wannabes from Trollhättan get a chance to build the 2010 Saab 9-3 on something new. Especially because the Swedes have been holding things down so well on the concept front as of late, we're expecting big things from the new 9-3's styling, if not its mechanicals.


We expect a new 9-3 to share the Insignia's better engines, namely a 160hp diesel and 260hp V6, as well as the usual selection of odd capacity turbos. Call us eternal optimists, but we're holding out hope that the Turbo X's torque vectoring differential will find its to the rest of the 9-3's spec levels, giving them some desperately needed separation from their pedestrian platform mates. [via Vince Burlapp]

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