2010 Opel Astra Spotted Testing In Alps, 2011 Saturn Version Not Far Behind

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While on a testing field trip in the Austrian Alps, GM engineers managed to wander into the range of a wild pack of KGP photographers, giving us a bit more of a solid look at the pending 2010 Opel Astra, and by extension, the next version of the 2011 Saturn Astra. Though the outside camo makes us want to play checkers, the cockpit was sans cover-ups and looking pretty snazzy for the segment. We can imagine the character line at the bottom of the rear door swooping up to match a Mazda3-wagon-like C-pillar and window treatment, but that's just us. And wow, check out the front quarter lower intakes, or maybe it could just be sneaky camouflage. Full spy report below the fold.

Opel continues to test its next-generation Astra—the same car that will eventually replace the Saturn Astra on our shores. This prototype was shot in Austria, as a large fleet of Astra prototypes—and several competing vehicles—descended on the Alps for some altitude and brake testing. In all the commotion of trying to get the entire large test team under way, we caught one Astra prototype with its door open and its interior completely uncovered. The new Astra's interior follows the direction blazed by Opel's Insignia, and looks more modern, sporty, and purposeful than the current model. The dash is currently a sea of drab black plastic, but it's clear that this is a fairly early, rough representation of the next Astra's cockpit. We expect the panel fits to be much tighter, and the materials to be vastly improved as we get closer to the Astra's production date some time in 2010.