Brenda Priddy and her Merry Men have caught another couple shots of what appears to be the 2010 Ford Mustang GT out for a quick snowy stroll through Dearborn, MI. These new shots give us the best look yet we've had on the taillights of the new pony car from Ford and well, umm, they don't, umm, tell us all that much. Why'd we buy these shots again? Oh wait β€” now we remember why. It's because these shots do tell us the lengths to which Ford's willing to go to get our minds off of the latest muscle car reveal from Dodge β€” apparently it includes following the 'stang around with a train sporting the up-powered insignia (click on the pic to see) β€” just to make sure the spy photographers get it right. We kid the Dearborn-based automaker of course. We think we do anyway. Full spy report from Priddy below the jump and we'll add these spy photos of the 'stang to our collection below.

Yes .. I know what you're thinking (not more Mustang photos....), but take one look at the background. What are the odds - we caught the upcoming GT just as a train was passing by - with a huge "GT" painted on the blue (train) car.

In addition - we've also caught the cleanest look at the new taillights that the 2010 Mustang will be wearing. Now if they'd only start stripping some of that camo.....

Photo Credit: Brian Williams for Brenda Priddy & Co.