2010 Mercury Milan Caught Uncovered And Sunning

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While KGP was out stalking that uncovered 2010 Ford Fusion they happened upon a 2010 Mercury Milan done up sans covering (sadly, no uncovered Jill Wagner was found). Looking past the black peanut tape, this new Milan seems to distinguish itself further from the Fusion, especially around the nose, which gets a more curvaceous treatment not that dissimilar from the Lincoln MKS.


The engineers did a laughable job of trying to tape up the tallights to obscure the actual design, which is easily discernible despite the reflector tape. Otherwise, in profile the new Fusion and Milan seem to have a lot in common. Brothers and sisters and acorns and trees and all that.


I had a bad day at work but you guys cheered me up this afternoon. LOL!!!

BTW, if the interior is as bland as the exterior shape, watch out rental car companies. If they're serious about keeping Mercury, a few panels difference from a Ford or Lincoln ain't going to cut it.