2010 Mercedes E-Class Spotted, Fully Nude

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German mag Autozeitung claims the picture above, from their September issue, is the 2010 Mercedes E-Class, without any of the black plastic camo we've come to expect from spy photos of the new sedan. The new E-Class looks to be sporting headlights straight from Mercedes' ConceptFASCINATION concept design study set to see a reveal later this week at the Paris Motor Show. The sedan's big, wedge-shaped grille attached to a big, wedge-shaped body looks like it's nine months from a bedroom mating of a Hyundai Genesis and a Cadillac CTS. But, those sharper lines and tight-like-a-tiger body surfacing reflects a more C-Class-like design rather than a real derivative of the other automakers design languages. Under the hood, we're expecting to see a fully updated engine line-up, complete with two Bluetec diesel powerplants. For starters there's a base 1.8-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder gas engine along with the new 204 HP 2.2-liter turbocharged diesel. Expect the AMG version to hit somewhere during calendar year 2010 with a direct-inject V8 pushing around 550 HP, and a hybrid version coming at around the same time. Expect that version to use the same mildly-hybridized system found under the hood of the new S400 BlueHybrid. What you shouldn't expect is to see the official reveal of the new E-Class sedan anytime before Geneva next year, with the new Estate and Coupe/Drop-Top hitting in time for Frankfurt near the end of the year. We look forward to our first test-drive, and immediate comparison with the CTS and Genesis. See a larger, quasi-higher-resolution version of the new E-Class here. [Autozeitung via CarScoop]


Ash78, voting early and often

Meh. The Germans have gone from the design trendsetters 15 years ago to playing second-fiddle to the Koreans (I'm only talking design here...the engineering is still nice).

If this had a Daewoo badge on it, I'd maybe applaud. That "implied forward rake" design language looked okay on the C-class, but doesn't do it for me here.