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As far as facelifts go, we’d say the 2010 Jaguar XK is more Demi Moore than Joan Rivers, but its what’s inside that really piques our interest: the new XK gets a rotary drive selector.


Externally, the big news for this facelift is the new “eyebrow” that sit between the awkward old headlights and the new vertical chrome intakes. We’re not sure if those intakes are for brake coolers, the radiator or just dummy vents designed to freshen up the XK’s look.


Inside, things are largely unchanged with the exception of a Jaguar XF-style rotary drive selector. That feature has proven slightly controversial in the XK’s little brother with some people thinking it’s neat, others gimmicky, while hot climate dwellers report the aluminum makes gear selection nearly impossible after parking in the sun. Ye olde CAR magazine, which took these pictures, also reports that there’s a new multimedia system that’s the dog’s bollocks.

Underneath the hood, CAR says to expect a 400 HP, 5.0-liter V8 developing 400 HP (bringing it close to the Jaguar XKR's 420 HP figure), while the 2010 Jaguar XKR will add a supercharger for 500 HP. There'll also be a diesel version of the XK with a 271 HP, 443 Lb-Ft twin-turbo V6.


Expect to see more of the XK, XKR and XFR at next week’s Detroit Auto Show. [via CAR]

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