2010 Hyundai Equus Photos, $96,000 Price Tag Leak

Would you pay $96,000 for a Hyundai? What if you were a South Korean executive in the market for a domestic S-Class? Hyundai is hoping the answer is yes.

The Hyundai Equus will be the most advanced and expensive Hyundai ever. Available in the South Korean market only, the Equus is a lengthened version of the Genesis chassis and will be optionally equipped with a new 5.0-liter V8 making over 420 HP and delivering 0-to-60 times of less than six seconds. With an overall length of nearly 17-feet, it's over seven inches longer than the Hyundai Genesis.


But it's that price tag that's the most shocking. Obviously it's for a fully-optioned, 5.0-liter V8-equipped sedan. The Equus will also be available with the Genesis's 3.8-liter Lambda V6 and 4.6-liter Tau V8, so, according to the well-informed Hyundaiophiles at Hyundai Blog, its starting price is more likely to be in the region of $70,000 when it goes on sale in South Korea next year. [via Hyundai Blog]

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