2010 Ford Mustang GT, Sketched With Sketchy Speculation

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Oh do we have a treat for any of you lovers of 'merican muscle cars today. We were talking with a Ford insider recently about the 2010 Ford Mustang. Specifically, discussion focused on the partially speculative rendering of the 2010 Mustang GT on the front of Car und Driver this month. More than one person had already told us a number of differences between the production model and the one featured on the cover of the big buff book, and our new source claimed the same thing. The difference between our other sources and this one was this one was willing to show us the money as it were. The shot below the jump is a sketch based on the final design of the next Mustang. We've mapped the differences out as well.


To begin with we're told the design of the side on the C&D sketch is incorrect. The door handle is too high. The official CAD renderings we've seen (don't even ask how we got those — all we can say is many Bothans died to bring us that information) — which verify the sketch provided by our source — indicate the door handle is actually part of the heavy crease running along the side of the new 'stang — and not above it.

The front fascia on the actual 2010 Mustang is also quite different. Our source's sketch — and again, the CAD models —indicates another piece of moulding between the black grille and the front bumper. Additionally, the C&D rendering is missing the turn signals which should be a flush addition to each side of the front bumper. The other minor issue is the double-gilled air vent on the bottom of the 'stang. The sketch — as well as other sources indicates they don't exist. Unfortunately, the area below the front bumper is where we're missing CAD modeling — so C&D very well may be correct on this.

And then there's the rear end — something untouched by the speculative renderers of Car und Driver — which from what we can see is a dramatic departure from the last model. If it turns out looking like this, we like it.

Yes, we could be wrong, and C&D could be too — but our money's on our sources coming through for us on this one. Time will tell wethinks. We're told we'll find out for certain at either the LA Auto Show or the Detroit Auto Show — we guess we'll have to wait until then. For now, answer us this question:


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Ratchet when he's all hopped up on synthetic energon

@CEman: They TRIED to. But they had to replace it with something, and they tried to replace it with... the Probe. Seriously. You can't replace an RWD domestic icon with a FWD Mazda, much the same as you couldn't replace the Miata with a Focus (even the decent Euro-focus).

Ford has a great fear of anything with a Ford badge eclipsing the performance of the V8 Mustang (with the rare exception of the GT40 or another V8 Mustang). It happened in the '80s, with the Turbo 2.3L - they killed off a fantastic motor becuase the little turbo 4 was getting to be faster than their big iconic V8. You can see it now with that CRAPTASTIC 4.0 V6. Sure, that would've been a great motor 10 or 20 years ago, but now... c'mon Ford, a 4.0L OHC V6 that makes 210hp? Even the V6 Camry makes more power. And more torque!