2010 Ford Mustang GT Interior

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If you've been enjoying the never-ending strip tease that is the 2010 Ford Mustang we've now got interior pictures of a black-on-black 2010 Ford Mustang GT prototype. Finally, thanks to the friendly neighborhood spy shooters at KGP who were quick enough to catch one parked, as opposed to driving full speed in the opposite direction. A quick comparison shows a revised steering wheel with new controls and white-faced gauges. And will wonders never cease — are those actually new air vents? Also, the tach and speedo appear to have swapped places on the latest iteration. Lastly, if you look at the car through the taut camo providing further proof that our 2010 Mustang sketch is spot on to what's actually there. Pictures and full spy report below the jump.


KGP's Spy Report

We managed to get our closest look yet inside Ford's reworked 2010 Mustang with these latest interior shots. It appears that the next Mustang's interior is a mix of carryover bits and some new elements. A new steering wheel maintains the current car's three "open-spoke" design, but the new wheel gets a double-stack of controls, with cruise control buttons on the left, and multimedia buttons on the right to operate the 'Stang's updated Sync interface.

It appears that the revised Mustang will maintain the current car's instrument pod, but this prototype shows new white-faced gages, and the speedometer and tachometer have switched places (the speedo's on the left, tach's on the right). The updated interior also gets new air vents, with slightly more upscale actuation. The current 'Stang's four round air vents have been changed on this prototype: a round vent remains to the left of the steering wheel, but two rectangular vents now reside at the top of the center stack.

Speaking of the center stack, we can't comment on the changes in store, due to the covering still in place over the controls. We'll keep peering inside of Mustang prototypes until we can see what lies behind. The rest of the interior appears to be very similar to the current car, but there are differences to the switchgear and design of the transmission tunnel.

This prototype also gave us a solid look at the new Mustang's headlight and tail-light designs.

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Manwich - now Keto-Friendly

@leemikemphstn: I think the Mustang is

really nice looking, especially for the money it costs. Looking

ultra-modern is not the Mustang's mission.

Just because a car is modern won't automatically make it a success.

As long as they keep up on the powertrain front (which is what

Ecoboost is all about), have it brake/handle well enough and keep the

price reasonable in relation to the competition, it'll sell.

Personally I think they should start offering a 4cyl Mustang again.

I think the upcoming 2.5L I4 would fit the bill nicely for an

entry-level Mustang.