2010 Ford Fusion Spied Uncovered For Desert Testing

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It gets pretty hot in the desert we hear, which might explain why the 2010 Ford Fusion twins pictured here stripped off its usual thick black camo to show off the new sedan's goods for the ready photographers from KGP. The most intriguing question these photos pose is: are those the real headlights? Previous Fusion spy photos show a light that stretches over the Davetastic Gillette grille. This view seems to show that line intersected by a part of the grille. Is this a clever taping? Is this an optical illusion? Is this for real?

The rest of the mostly uncovered Fusion shows more detailed, softer lines than the current generation. The taillights also look larger, rounder when compared to the first model. We don't want to go overboard, but the new design does appear to be more "kinetic" than "Hi, I'm Dave." Just saying.