2010 Chevy Camaro Showing Off Best Shots Yet Of DI V6 Engine?

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You may have been thinking General Motors has timed their muscle car revival all wrong, what with the 2010 Chevy Camaro coming out just as gas hits $51 per gallon. But see that's just what they want — to make driving this car an indulgence. And why wouldn't it be? Especially as it now appears that although the V8-engined 2010 Camaro SS may be getting all the attention, the V6 is going to pack quite a punch as well. These new shots from the forum fan-boys looking beyond the F-body at Camaro5 give us the clearest look yet under the hood of the six-cylinder model. But this does not appear to be your grandpa's engine.


Look closely at the throttle-body size and shape and the bolts holding it on, the three fluid reservoirs in the same locations, all cues that this is indeed the glorious direct-injection V6. That means about 300 HP, the same sort of power Ford gets from the V8 Mustang GT. And look, they've even moved the battery out of the engine bay, likely mounting it in the trunk like the Pontiac G8. All in all it looks like just the thing for the indulgence-minded muscle car buyer.

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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

@Bumblebee: Because their just preproduction >mules<. The production shots of the Convertible featured the round lights, everybody and their grandmother bitches about these (even on the GM blogs), why wouldn't GM toss these on?

The car has to be road legal through and through to test, and perhaps GM hasn't done up a fully legal set up round lights. Maybe their not baking the full cookie until it's time.