2010 Chevy Camaro Caught Wearing Velocity Yellow

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It may work on the new 2008 Corvette, but on the 2010 Chevy Camaro, we're not so sure Canary "Velocity Yellow" works for the new muscular mullet-mobile. Maybe if it had a couple of black go-faster stripes on the hood. Then we'd have a Bumblebee edition — and yes, we'd be all over that one. But plain yellow? Umm, no. So — we've now seen the new Camaro in black, white and zebra — and now "Velocity Yellow." By the way — we'd like to point out that "Velocity" yellow is like "P***y Magnet" yellow, except faster. GM, please get a red tester on the road ASAP so we can make fun of the full range of colors. Well, except for black. We like black — because you know what they say about once you go black. That's right, you never go white — in Camaro colors. Full spy report below the jump.


So far we've all seen the Camaro in black, and in white, and let's not forget those initial shots of the car's black-and-white-striped theme. But our latest look at a prototype parked in a tree-lined holding pen delves a little deeper into the Camaro's color palette. This time we have captured a Camaro wearing what appears to be the same Velocity Yellow tintcoat offered on the 2008 Corvette.


Rob Emslie

Are those Cat-5 jacks in the middle of the bumper? Geez, for a brand new car you'd think they'd go WiFi.