2010 Cadillac SRX Spotted In Minimal, Super Chess Camo

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We've got the clearest pictures yet of the 2010 Cadillac SRX, betraying details that were only hinted at in GM's super-grainy release. Based on the Theta premium platform, the new crossover from Cadillac manages to stretch the handsome dimensions of the Cadillac CTS Coupe over the proportions of a CUV. The photos show nearly the entire, unseen caboose of the SRX almost completely uncovered. It seems like Cadillac is putting more art in their Art & Science, a move we applaud. Full spy report below the jump.


Cadillac's 2010 SRX replacement is the latest of GM's prototypes to drop its heavy camouflage covering, giving us our most complete look yet at the upcoming Wreath and Crest crossover. The checkered tape is all that separates us from a full reveal from every angle. The SRX's head- and tail-lights are almost completely disguise free, with only minimal tape obscuring the tops, and edges of the lamps. The styling closely matches both the Provoq concept as well as the low-res image leak that dropped a few weeks back.

With its unmistakably Cadillac design cues, the new SRX will look right at home next to the three CTS variants that will populate showrooms in the near future. The SRX's most unique styling touches are found at the rear, with a modern interpretation of the Cadillac tail fin thanks to the Provoq-inspired tail-light design.

The SRX's Theta-premium platform means a smaller footprint compared to the current SRX, which should better position the Cadillac brand in light of the current economic climate.

With the appearance of this barely disguised prototype, the 2010 SRX looks right on schedule for a Los Angeles or Detroit debut—if not sooner.

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Caddy continues to impress me with their continued design consistency. Since the first CTS, every Caddy to follow has looked better and more refined than the last, and this new SRX is no different. The only other conventional automaker that has comparable design strength and unity is Audi.

I just wish automakers would stop designing such high-assed autos.