2010 BMW Z4 Revealed By Michael Douglas

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Here is the first picture of the 2010 BMW Z4 hard-top convertible completely uncovered. It was spotted by a forum user over at Zpost.com while being used in a scene for Michael Douglas’s upcoming thriller Solitary Man. We're thrilled.

Why? We’re just happy to see the de-Banglefied looks, especially the loss of the diagonal feature line aft of the front wheels.


Telling the story of a car magnate who destroys his personal and professional life through business and romantic indiscretions, "Solitary Man" is a strangely prescient film for the new BMW Z4 to leak through. The styling of the car is strongly reminiscent of the BMW CS concept, with wider, more pronounced intakes and headlights replacing the shark-like awkwardness of the previous model. [via ZPost.com]

Thanks for the tip, Tim!