2010 4.5L Duramax Diesel has Shockingly Brilliant Design

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It's not often a design comes along and truly thinks outside of the box. What would you say to a GM developed, 4.5L V8 turbo diesel putting down 310 horsepower and 520 lb.ft. of torque in the footprint of a small block 350? What if we told you that same engine has common rail injection, a variable geometry turbo, no intake manifolds, and the exhaust ports on the valley side? Crazy! Yes - crazy good.


How can you not be utterly blown away with the brilliance of pushing charged air directly into the valve covers and skipping the lower intake manifold baloney? And come on, piping the exhaust gas directly to the center to meet up with the turbo makes us question other engine designers. To top it off, this is just the stuff we know about, GM is sitting on other details until the patents are through. We're taking this standout engine design as a sign of awesome diesely goodness to come. Say it together now - 2010 Pontiac G8 Ute turbo diesel. [via SAE.org]


Well, from what I know about modern diesel engines (remember, I work for a Truck Company), that big black device sitting on the front of the engine looks like a gigantic EGR valve. This is one of the tricks to keep the Modern Diesel clean.

A little story though. When the Mercedes Sprinter came into the US (as a Freightliner or a Dodge), they all ran well for the 2002 and 2003 model years. The 2004 was introduced with an electronic EGR (Placed on the front of the engine) to control the stricter emission standards, that part failed in over 70% of their vans. When it failed, the engine went into 'limp' mode, and would not turn faster than 1500 rpm, and you could not go faster than 45 MPH.

The moral to this story? I hope GM gets it right before they go to market.