If you want to see the new 2009 Toyota Urban Cruiser in person you can either hop on a plane next month and head to the Geneva Motor Show — or you can just take a look at these spy photos of the new 'yota driving about sans camouflage on the snowy Swedish roads. Just like the press shot of the new Urban small-uv we've already seen from Toyota, these clear-as-day photos show us the Urban Cruiser will basically be a re-designed US-Spec Scion xD. The changes appear to be a big-time front fascia revision, including the addition of a new grille shape, a new front bumper, new fog lamps, and a revamped lower intake design. What carries over? The headlights. Read the full spy report below the jump.

We just snapped some fresh pix of the Geneva-bound Toyota Urban
Cruiser, caught undisguise on the slick roads of Northern Sweden.
Toyota has released one front-end image of the new Urban Cruiser, but
we can now show you a full 360-degree view of the car in its showroom

The Urban Cruiser represents the start of the Scionization of Toyota's

European small car lineup, as the car in these spy shots shows a

mildly-revised Scion xD. The face of the European Urban Cruiser gets

a thorough front fascia revision, adding a new grille shape, new

front bumper, new fog lamps, and a revamped lower intake design. The

only front-end carryover from our U.S.-spec Scion xD are the

headlights. A new, chunkier rear bumper design is also part of the

Urban Cruiser's revised look.

Toyota executives are calling the Urban Cruiser an "environmentally

responsible SUV", but the SUV claim seems a little shaky.

Environmentally responsible, we have no issue with that. Whatever the

Urban Cruisers accurate description may be, it is destined to go on

sale in Europe later this Spring.


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