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We were lured to Toyota's 2009 Matrix website by way of flash video ad featuring an old lanky black man in a suit wearing tin foil shoes talking about aliens. That seems to have been sane for the marketing Toyota is using for online promotion of its new miniwagon. The site is based primarily around the pretense of 'pranking' a friend somehow but only if you hand over your and their personal contact information. We're sure it will only be used for the pranking, absolutely no targeted mailers right. In any case, we decided it may be fun to 'prank' ourselves and see just how clever or lame this is. The game will unfold over the course of five days, beginning today. Always helpful, Toyota has provided a schedule to track the progress of our self prankulation.


- 3/13/08: The Mystery Caller
- 3/14/08: We Know Where You Live
- 3/15/08: The Coronett Motel
- 3/16/08: The Sign
- 3/17/08: The Grand Finale

We suspect this will end up with a deluge of glossy Toyota Matrix mailers covering every inch of our trash can, but we can only wait to see. Oh yeah, and the name we chose for the "friend" we're pranking - Assy McGee.

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