A few months before General Motors killed Pontiac, Pontiac killed our dreams when they announced the cancellation of plans to bring the Holden Commodore Ute to America in the form of the Pontiac G8 Sport Truck. Almost three years later the sting of being denied access to the ultimate parts hauler after being told the G8 Sport Truck was on its way is still there.


With this in mind, we were surprised and intrigued to find this 2009 "Pontiac G8 Sport Truck" for sale on Ebay this week. The quotation marks are there because we're honestly not exactly sure what this vehicle actually is. No details are included with the auction as to how or why this G8 ended up a Sport Truck on US soil and we were unable to get in touch with the seller.

What we are likely looking at is a well executed conversion of a Holden Commodore Ute. A quick check of the VIN number reveals the 2009 G8 was involved in an accident earlier this year and sustained severe rear end damage. We aren't sure how much of the G8 actually remains but the seller's previous transactions in Australia make the source of the parts/donor car for the conversion a little bit easier to understand.

Prior accident history, unknown reconstruction techniques and automatic transmissions are usually all things that would discourage us from wanting to own a vehicle, but in this case we honestly don't care. Staring at this awesome G8 Sport Truck is a sad reminder of what could have been if Pontiac had kept their promise to bring the Ute to America. Who wants to loan us $31,000?

Hat tip to 3TimesTwice!


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