2009 Pontiac G8 GT Stuck With Slushbox

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Rumors floating around that the Pontiac G8 GT will be available with a Tremec 6-speed manual transmission for 2009 models have been officially squashed. Currently, all 2008 models will only be available with automatics, though we really weren't expecting anything but the 2009 G8 GXP to be offered with a proper manual gearbox. The word straight from Pontiac's Communication Manager after the jump.


...We still intend to offer the six-speed manual transmission as an option on the GXP model released late this year, however we have no current plans to offer the manual tranny on any other G8 model. It's possible there was some confusion over the GT vs. GXP...




OK, one more time. It isn't the cost of the Manual per se, it's the cost of getting the thing certified for sale within the US. It costs so much to get the car certified in the first place, but if the sales data support the product mix of 95% automatic and only 5% manual, GM (and for that matter, Ford or Chrysler, Or Toyota, Or Nissan) will not spend the extra money to certify the car for a Manual.

The big problem is the draconian regulations within the US to certify an Engine/Driveline/Transmission combination. There are at least three different government agencies to certify a car/truck/van/suv for sale within the us (The EPA, The US DOT, and NHTSA, which is under the DOT, but with other regulations). Emissions are a bit more difficult to control with a manual, so Automatics seem to be the transmission of choice, to keep costs under control.

GM will probably equip it's v-8 manuals with the dreaded 1 - 4 electronic shift program, to try and beat the fuel economy tests as well.