2009 Pontiac G3 Heading North?

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The forum fan-boys over at GMInsideNews were rooting around the EPA's always-helpful fueleconomy.gov site, and found an interesting entry with fuel economy numbers for something called a "2009 Pontiac G3" and "2009 Pontiac G3 Hatchback." Wait, what? We knew all about the rest of the G-whatever lineup, and we know President Bush once got confused and climbed into the back seat of a G8 thinking it was a summit of the group of eight wealthiest nations, but we though the only Pontiac G3 was down South. Way down South. Of course the sedan version of the Chevy Aveo is sold in Mexico as a Pontiac G3. We even knew the arrowheaded brand revealed a rebadged version of the Aveo5 hatchback (which itself...


...is a rebadged Korean Daewoo Kalos) in Montreal as a Pontiac Wave, but do these EPA numbers mean we'll be getting them stateside as some kind of "Driving Un-Excitement?" Or will they be forced to stay on the Canadian (or Mexican, where they'll begin to be built starting at GM's new San Lois Potosi plant in June of 2009) sides of the border like other riff-raff? We've sent out an e-mail to Pontiac PR with the hopes of getting to the bottom of this before the platform prostitution starts to go totally insane. We mean, what's next — a re-badged Silverado called the Pontiac G10? We shudder at the thought. [via GMInsideNews, Motive]


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