2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, Spyder Unveiled Before Chicago Auto Show

The cover has been removed from the face-lifted 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse and the first thing you'll notice is the big Evo-inspired nose. On the GT you'll notice a new dual exhaust system which helps bump output of the 3.8L V6 a mind-blowing 2hp to the magical figure of 265hp. All those new ponies need to be reigned in some how, so Mitsu decided to give us some bigger rear brakes. While you're back there admiring the new pipes, take a peek at the new diffuser-style rear fascia too.

While the new Lancer Evo-ish styling gives the Eclipse a needed dose of aggression, we can't help but be tad disappointed with Mitsubishi for not bringing us a turbocharged, all-wheel-drive Eclipse. Maybe they're saving the good stuff for a production version of the Concept-RA. Until then, we'll be in line for a Hyundai Genesis. [via Edmunds Inside Line]


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