2009 Mercedes CLK

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

It would appear, based on the shot above (and gallery below), Mercedes is actively working on the next generation CLK. It looks to be bigger and longer than the outgoing model as this new CLK (and we're assuming, CLK convertible) — which we'd expect as we're hearing it will be based on the bigger and longer new C-class sedan. It goes without saying, however, that refinements will probably need to be done to that chassis to meet expectations of the somewhat more ambitious coupé-drivers of the world. We're also hearing that the frame won't be the only bit o' metal the CLK will take from the new C-class. We've heard the engines will also come from the C-class line-up and will include a V8 for a CLK 500. It's expected the newly sexed up coupé will arrive at dealers in summer 2009 with the soft-top following just a few months later.


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I still think that the CLK's lost a certain Je Ne C'est Qua in the styule department after the first gen. Then again, I would say that as the proud owner of the first gen (1998) CLK that my father taught me how to drive in.