2009 MCA ALA 50 Unveiled By The Prince Of Monaco

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Finally, the moment nobody was waiting for. This is the new MCA ALA 50, a prototype for an upcoming supercar from Monte Carlo Automobile. Evidently, it's some sort of birthday present to Prince Albert. Styling looks to be inspired by '90s Group C racers, but that's not stopping those Monegasque boys from planning to enter the car in the 2010 LeMans 24 Hour race. We're not exactly sure what class they plan on running in, but the car is made almost entirely of carbon fiber and is said to be powered by a V8 making 650 HP, so it should be pretty fast. There's even a proposed street version, but we're not holding our breath. Press release from Monte Carlo Automobile after the jump.

Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco unveils the prototype of the new ALA 50. The car was built in honour of the 25th anniversary of Monaco's first-ever car brand in May.

To celebrate 25 successful years, Monegasque car manufacturer Monte Carlo Automobile has created a brand-new GT and is dedicating it to Prince Albert II. Company founder Fulvio Maria Ballabio designed the ALA 50, and is building it in conjunction with father-and-son partnership Guglielmo and Roberto Bellasi. The trio have previously worked together on other projects.

The name ALA 50 is a tribute to Prince Albert's 50th birthday in March, and also symbolizes the model's aerodynamic system, styled on those found in wing cars. Made entirely of carbon fibre, the car features a 650-horsepower V8 engine put together by Christian Contzen, the former CEO of Renault Sport, and Daniel Trema, who is currently helping engineering firm Mecachrome prepare for the GP2 series.

Ballabio and Alberto Raffaele Colman are currently planning an ambitious project together with Bartoli de Clarion (the sponsor and a supplier of car accessories) and another partner company - to enter the ALA 50 and a team of three Monegasque drivers into the 2010 Le Mans 24 Hours race.

After the official launch of the ALA 50 racing car late this year, a road-going version will be produced, and this will be made to order.


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